Nerf Bars / Running Boards

  • There are several different designs available for nerf bars. They are typically made from stainless steel, chrome or powder-coated steel, although there are variations in style and design. Running boards are just another tool to help get in & out of vehicles and are also just for looks. So whether you need them for easier access into your truck or just for looks come in to Cathcart today to pick out a style that is right for you.

    Some of the manufacturers for these products are:

    • Westin

    • Trail FX

    • U-Guard

    • APC

    • Better Built

    • Go Ind

    • Smittybilt

    • Big Game

    • DeeZee

    • Go Rhino

    • Bullett

    • Grizzly

    We sell all this and more right here at Cathcart Auto Parts.

  • TrailFX Oval Bars - 50000 Series